Needed: A Miracle for Teresa (x-posted from the Dumpling House)

Our Place Called Home

There is a lovely Catholic family with an incredible heart for orphans.  Their youngest daughter needs a miracle.  You can read my post here. Each time I visit their blog, I think “today will be the day that good news is posted.”  However, today’s post really made me cry.  And it made me mad at the injustice that occurs to orphans day, after day, after day in other countries all over the world (not that there aren’t injustices here but they are not on the scale as what I see internationally). Will you please add them to your prayer intentions?

Will you please pray for me?  Back in 2006 I prayed and asked God to break my heart for what breaks His.  Among other things, His heart breaks for orphans.  My heart groans out for orphans.  The need is so great and my resources so few. I become overwhelmed with sadness at times.  Being overwhelmed by sadness does not change the situation. It’s not productive.  Paul and I need to hear from the Lord what He wants us to do now to help orphans because it is our joint call.

Thank you!

About Kim

I am a Roman Catholic, widow, mother to four, passionate about my faith, adoption, and writing. When my husband first got sick, someone told me "you and your husband are writing a beautiful story for your family." Well, the story has dramatically changed and I'm just trying to figure out how to write this new story line. Join me along the way if you will.
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