Interpreter of Dreams

Nana, aka my mother, gave my middle son Joseph: King of Dreams, the Dreamworks production of the story of Joseph in the Book of Genesis. My kids absolutely love that movie, especially my middle son.

I was thinking about Joseph this morning when I woke up from a dream that I really wish I knew what it meant. It’s a dream that I have had many times, probably as far back as 15 years. It’s not a dream I have often – maybe once or twice a year, but it’s pretty much the same each time. Except it was slightly different this time. I wish I had my own interpreter of dreams.

In my dream, I am always sitting in a boat, kind of a sampan type boat but one powered by oars both in the front and the back of the boat. There is always an Asian guy rowing the boat and the way it starts out I am always in the front of the boat at first, then have to switch places with the oarman and move to the back. The water is always rough and sloshing in the boat a lot but it’s never in danger of capsizing. I don’t ever have a distinct fear of drowning, just of being in a bit of a challenging situation. Finally, the waters calm and we pull up to this building that is somewhat house-like but not really a house.  More like one of those fun houses you find at an amusement park.  In the house we go through a series of rooms (there are always other people with me but I can’t tell you who they are, I just know there are others) and the rooms have different challenges.  The one I remember specifically is that we have to find a certain ring but in order to get the ring you have to climb a wacky staircase. The staircase twists and turns, and sometimes you turn and find yourself at the bottom again.   The steps sometimes move like a stairmaster so you are climbing but not really going anywhere.  I always would wake up from this dream feeling frustrated and out of energy.

Except last night was different.  In last night’s dream it all started out the same but when we got to the house, there was a young woman there that was leading me through all the wacky rooms giving me directions on how to bypass the challenges so that I actually did get the ring.  It turned out to be an ugly ring though – a red jade dragon ring.  Guess that fits with the whole sampan/asian theme of the earlier part of the dream.  The other irony is that all four of my children are from China, yet I began having this dream long before I even met my husband or ever thought of adopting internationally.  Also, the house in the dream isn’t an asian-type house.  It’s distinctly American.

I will tell you, I do have some very interesting dreams, vivid dreams, and I often times will remember them or at least the feeling/theme of the dream. I sometimes can figure out why I’ve had the dream, i.e. what stress/happy event might be fueling my subconscious to produce the dream.  However, this is one of a couple of recurring dreams that I have that are a bit of a mystery to me.  I can guess at parts (challenges in the dream = challenges I am facing in life) but I don’t really know what the other parts mean – the water, the wacky house).

What do you think? Do you have any recurring dreams that you can’t figure out?

About Kim

I am a Roman Catholic, widow, mother to four, passionate about my faith, adoption, and writing. When my husband first got sick, someone told me "you and your husband are writing a beautiful story for your family." Well, the story has dramatically changed and I'm just trying to figure out how to write this new story line. Join me along the way if you will.
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One Response to Interpreter of Dreams

  1. Your dreams at the moment sound very much like you are going through a process of self discovery and change. If you replace where you have written “house” with “self” and look at what you are doing to your “self” in your dream you will find out what this dream is telling you.

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